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Upcoming Events

  1. BHC End of the Year Celebration
    December 7 @ 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
  2. Self Defense Class for Trans and GNC People
    December 17 @ 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Latest News

Shaping planning decisions around community residents’ priorities may not seem groundbreaking, but it’s a new approach that is helping inform the drafting of a new Pedestrian Plan for Central and West Long Beach neighborhoods. Thanks to collaboration between BHC partner organizations City Fabrick and the Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services, the city’s document to guide walking improvements for the community will have a new perspective around safety, liability, and accessibility. Beginning with initial community outreach in July … read more

Young people, formerly and currently incarcerated adults, and low-income families have at least one thing in common every election year: historically low voter turnout and a greater disparity when it comes to decision making through the ballot box. To turn this trend around, several nonprofits are organizing in Central, West, and North Long Beach to increase voter turnout and dismantle voting myths that often keep these communities out of the electoral process. Over the past month and continuing until election … read more

“Instead of asking if students need help, teachers just kick students out of their classrooms when things get tough,” says Sandy, a senior at Renaissance High School senior. Her words reflect the harsh discipline practices many students of color like herself face in LBUSD schools. A new collaborative report released today by the Children’s Defense Fund-California and Public Counsel describes this challenge in detail and offers inclusive policy solutions that would keep students in the school system and end the … read more