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  1. Inmocyfafag

    Here is the results from our Yoga and Ayurveda for Children with Asthma pilot grant project: https://goo.gl/iWBWTh

  2. Inmocyfafag

    Hi, I would like to see lb fresh more involved in food choices for meetings. Sometimes we had meetings with sick poor people who have diabetes and baked goods or sugary drinks or deserts were served by younger people who maybe haven’t developed diabetes yet. I would like organizers of bhc groups to use their food money for group meetings to give the food money to lb fresh and coordinate tohavethem use our food as a commercial or bridge to local gardens . Please consider serving food sourced locally or plan ahead and text the farmers for appetizers or snacks that are from gardens in areas local so volunteers getin the habit of eating with their corner farmers. Sometimes I ate bad food because it was tempting and I have to keep temptations away however I can. The result is I engage less

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