About BHC Long Beach

Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach is a place-based initiative improving the health of Central and West Long Beach


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  1. Residents live in communities with health promoting land-use, transportation, and community development.
  2. Children and their families are safe from violence in their homes and neighborhoods.
  3. Communities support healthy youth development.
  4. Neighborhood and school environments support improved health and healthy behaviors.


The mission of the collaborative is to reduce health disparities and improve community health overall through systemic changes fueled by adult and youth resident engagement, collaboration and resource sharing, and strategic communication about community needs and solutions.


Central and West Long Beach is one of 14 sites that are part of the The California Endowment’s 10-year Building Healthy Communities initiative. The work of the collaborative is guided by our Community Action Plan. The plan was initially created in 2010 with revisions in 2013 and 2016. It is the product of numerous surveys, brainstorming sessions, and community meetings that involved representatives from community-based organizations, residents, service providers, and systems leaders.


The Building Healthy Communities initiative in Long Beach is made up of multiple community-based organizations and collaborative workgroups all supported by Long Beach Forward.


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