Focus Area

Focus Area of Central and West Long Beach


Central and West Long Beach Quick Facts:

  • The focus area includes 90,000 residents of Latino, Filipino, African-American, and Cambodian descent. Languages spoken include Spanish, Khmer, and Tagalog. 
  • Cambodia Town in Central Long Beach is home to nearly 18,000 Cambodian residents, representing the largest concentration of Cambodians outside of Southeast Asia.
  • 45% of adults in Central and West Long Beach are obese in contrast with both 21% in Los Angeles County and California.
  • Nearly twice as many adults in Central and West Long Beach reported fair/poor health (37%) compared to adults in the county (18%) and state (16%). 
  • Long Beach Unified School District is the 3rd largest school district in California with a total enrollment of 82,256 students. LBUSD oversees 4 High Schools and 10 Middle and Elementary Schools in our focus area.
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