People’s State of the City 2016

PSOTC2016 SM SquareOn Thursday, February 25, roughly 450 community members came together to take action at the fifth annual People’s State of the City. Speakers, organizers, and performances educating community members about the challenges and opportunities for change in the city, creative solutions, and how we can all get involved. 

This year, the People’s State of the City called on community members to…

  1. Have courageous conversations. Share the information from this year’s People’s State of the City with your friends, neighbors, and family members. Find all the information, videos, data, and more below by clicking on “Share the PSOTC with your neighbors.”
  2. Join a campaign or organization. Click the following links to view a list of campaigns in English and Spanish.
  3. Get involved in local elections. There will be a local election in Long beach on April 12th for city council, school board, and community college board seats. This is an extremely important opportunity for our city and we can all play a role in it. Visit the Long Beach City Clerk’s website for more information.

You can get involved in the elections in a number of ways: conversations with your neighbors about the issues you care about, attend a candidate forum, volunteer with a campaign, canvass your neighborhoods, and, if you can, register to vote and then make sure to cast your vote.

Share the PSOTC with your neighbors

Media Coverage of PSOTC 2016

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